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Canada reaches deal on revised Trans-Pacific Partnership

January 23, 2018

Canada was seen as a barrier during a trade talk in Vietnam last fall

While signing the deal is a feather in Champagne’s hat, the deal comes the same day the sixth round of talks on the North American Free Trade Agreement kick off in Montreal.

This round is expected to be the most tense round of negotiating yetas Canada, the U.S. and Mexico dive into the most controversial chapters, including the auto and dairy sectors and a proposed sunset clause.

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New research shows shrinking “water footprint” of Canadian beef production

December 21, 2017

Canada’s beef industry has dramatically reduced its water footprint over the past several decades, and that trend is expected to continue, a new study has found.

The amount of water required to produce one kilogram of Canadian beef has decreased by 17% from 1981 to 2011, due largely to enhanced efficiency in how feed crops for beef cattle are produced, as well as enhanced efficiency in raising beef cattle and producing more beef per animal.

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Revised Draft on Income Sprinkling Rules Released

December 18, 2017

On December 13, 2017 the Department of Finance released revised draft legislation concerning the income sprinkling rules.  These rules were originally announced on July 18, 2017 and were the subject of much criticism. The new rules are to take effect January 1, 2018 and although they are an improvement over the rules released on July 18, they still leave much to be desired.

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Canadian beef trade with China takes a serious blow

October 5, 2017

Canadian producers’ concern stems from the disparity between the types of product China will now accept from the U.S. and those accepted from Canada:

  • Currently, Canadian producers are only allowed to ship boneless, Under Thirty Months (UTM) frozen beef and only from individual processing plants that have been audited and approved by Chinese officials and certified for export to China by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  • China’s trade deal with the U.S. allows American producers to ship boneless beef, bone-in beef, chilled beef, and certain offals from any federally-inspected and approved processor.

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