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National cattle checkoff on its way up this spring

January 31, 2018

The national levy used to fund marketing and research is going up by $1.50 — 
the first increase since 2002

“To put that in perspective, in Alberta, we (currently) charge $1 — 80 cents goes to Canada Beef and 20 cents to the BCRC,” said Rich Smith, executive director of Alberta Beef Producers. “So basically, we’re taking BCRC from 20 cents to 75 cents and taking Canada Beef from 80 cents to $1.62.”

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NAFTA: Signing of a joint declaration by 25 metropolitan chambers of commerce from Canada, US and Mexico

January 25, 2018


Thus, on the eve of the 6th round of negotiations for the renewal of NAFTA, we the undersigned:

  1. Share a common desire to maintain free trade between the United StatesMexico and Canada.
  2. Urge our respective governments to come to an agreement to an updated NAFTA, and to maintain it for the future economic success of all three nations.
  3. Will maintain our mobilization in favour of an updated NAFTA, leading to a future trade agreement.

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Officials aim to forge ahead with TPP as Canada wavers

January 23, 2018

Back story from the beef industry’s perspective

Canadian organizations representing export-dependent farm sectors last week urged Canada to commit to the CPTPP — among them the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, which in a statement Wednesday warned “there can be no status quo for Canadian beef.

“Either Canada joins the CPTPP and Canadian beef will join the club of preferential suppliers to Japan or Canada remains outside the CPTPP and Canadian beef producers will watch helplessly as our exports to Japan erode.”

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Canada reaches deal on revised Trans-Pacific Partnership

Canada was seen as a barrier during a trade talk in Vietnam last fall

While signing the deal is a feather in Champagne’s hat, the deal comes the same day the sixth round of talks on the North American Free Trade Agreement kick off in Montreal.

This round is expected to be the most tense round of negotiating yetas Canada, the U.S. and Mexico dive into the most controversial chapters, including the auto and dairy sectors and a proposed sunset clause.

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