What We Do

The National Cattle Feeders’ Association (NCFA) was established in 2007 to represent Canadian cattle feeders on national issues and to work in collaboration with other cattle organizations across the country.

Our Focus

The NCFA operates in alignment with government and industry to develop workable solutions for the feedlot sector. Our demonstrated successes prove many voices with a similar message have greater impact for cattle feeders. Our initiatives clearly demonstrate our unique role and contribution to the governance and organizational infrastructure of Canada’s beef industry.

Strategic Pillars

Sustainable Growth and Profitability

Purpose Create a business and trade environment that facilitates industry growth, profitability, and sustainability.


PurposeInfluence the public policy and regulatory regime to enhance the competitiveness of the cattle feeding sector in Canada

    Industry Leadership and Partnership

    PurposeStrengthen the Canadian beef industry by serving as a credible and solutions-oriented advocate for cattle feeders and undertaking collaborative efforts with industry partners.

    Strategic plan

    How does the NCFA represent Canadian cattle feeders on national issues? Download our strategic plan here for complete details.


    Advocacy Highlights

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