The Canadian Feedlot Audit Program

The Canadian Feedlot Audit Program is an objective, science-based, and practical animal health and welfare, beef quality and food safety program designed specifically for confined beef cattle feedlots.

 Canadian Feedlot Audit

The feedlot audit guide was developed by feedlot producers, veterinarians, animal scientists, and the processing industry’s beef welfare experts to provide the beef industry with a credible and widely accepted feedlot animal care and welfare, beef quality and food safety assessment program that can be used by all stakeholders to improve animal care and provide reassurances to consumers and the public that feedlot cattle are raised humanely and safely. This Audit Guide/Tool has been certified by PAACO (Professional Animal Auditor Certified Organization) and recognized by NFACC (National Farm Animal Care Council) and CRSB (Canadian Roundtable of Sustainable Beef Production).

Recertification Received – 6th year in a row

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“As a company that’s built our reputation on serving safe food for almost 50-years, animal health and welfare is very important to McDonald’s Canada and our guests as we know that healthy animals provide safe food. We are proud that animal welfare has been part of our legacy of commitment for decades and is now one of the main components of our recently concluded Sustainable Beef Pilot project. Given our focus on animal care and independent third party verification, we commend The National Cattle Feeders Association for receiving Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO) certification of their Feedlot Animal Care Assessment tool. The certification is a testament to the NCFA’s leadership in working with processors, producers, and industry technical experts to produce a tangible tool that focuses on improving the health and welfare of animals raised for food, benefiting everyone in the value chain.” Jeffrey Fitzpatrick-Stilwell, Senior Manager Sustainability, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited

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