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Established in 2007, The National Cattle Feeders’ Association (NCFA) represents Canadian cattle feeders on national issues and works in collaboration with other cattle organizations and government to strengthen and improve the cattle feeding industry. Building on our demonstrated track record, the NCFA is well positioned for continued success.

The National Cattle Feeders’ Association is the one organization in Canada through which cattle feeders can speak with a unified voice.

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The NCFA’s focus remains clear — working constantly to build relationships with, and influence governments to adopt policies and programs that respond to the real needs of the cattle feeding industry. NCFA has been a leader for seven years. In a very short time our organization has confronted significant industry challenges and dealt with them effectively. We are steadily building awareness among government leaders, through our advocacy efforts, ensuring a strong voice at the table for Canadian cattle feeders.

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NCFA delivers current news, status updates, and industry-led activities on an ongoing basis. We strive to offer relevant analysis of the developments and issues shaping Canada’s beef industry and cattle feeding sector.
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