Canadian agri-food exporters mark provisional application of CETA

September 21, 2017

“While we urge the government to resolve the outstanding issues, we are also encouraged that Canada is forging ahead with its commitment to freer trade with the world’s second largest economy,” said Brian Innes, CAFTA president. “Eventually, CETA will mean preferential access for Canadian agri-food to an $18 trillion market that includes 500 million people.”

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Brazil’s ‘weak meat’ scandal a lesson in the fragility of food trust

The world has been pleaded to over and over again to recognize that the problem has been fixed. Brazil has even invited any country, market, or politician still harbouring doubts to see first-hand a slice of the country’s meat sector.

We are not in possession of all the information. Decisions to continue a relationship or terminate it are based on fact, but not entirely. They can’t be. Trust has to play a role. Nations must work to become trustworthy.

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NAFTA Changes U.S., Canada Leaders Say Could Help Beef Trade

August 25, 2017

Colin Woodall, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, vice president, government affairs: “But for us, we want to make sure the basic provisions that allow the full, unfettered access stay in place. That’s what we are pushing for.”

Moving forward, leaders are confident beef and cattle trade will remain in a good position.

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