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Beef access to Mexico resumes; could be bigger than expected

October 8, 2016

Ron Glaser, vice-president of corporate affairs for Canada Beef, who was in Mexico with MacAulay, said exports to Mexico could be much higher (up to $200 million) because Mexico is a diverse market with many opportunities for beef products. “This action will certainly help Canadian packers be more competitive against their U.S. counterpart, by being able to offer a broader range of products,” he said.

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China lifts parts of 13-year ban on Canadian beef

China has lifted a ban on some types of Canadian beef, ending a 13-year prohibition that has restricted cattle producers’ access to an important overseas market.

The change was made by Chinese agricultural authorities on Sept. 19, just two days before Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Canada for high-level meetings.

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A feedlot’s commitment to animal care

September 21, 2016

Canadian feedlot animal care assessment — Part 2

A feedlot’s commitment to animal care evolves around four criteria: ensuring management and employees have access to the Canadian Beef Code of Practice, a written animal care policy, a self-assessment protocol and an emergency response plan. Each accounts for two out of the possible eight points for this section of an audit.

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