African swine fever – watch and learn

January 2, 2019

“Pork is the number one meat of choice in China; it’s the number one driver of food inflation, and food inflation is the number one driver of social unrest around the world — something China wants to avoid when they’re in a battle with the United States over tariffs.”

Economists within the U.S. Department of Agriculture clearly state that ASF’s expansion into Europe remains a big question mark, and whether the disease might ultimately affect all sectors of agriculture.

The global meat industry is watching how events unfold. Any significant impact to pork production and consumption in China will create a ripple effect, consequences of which will touch all major suppliers of edible protein. The Canadian beef industry needs to watch and learn.

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Bovine TB case turns up in southern BC

November 21, 2018

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Monday announced it has launched an investigation after a mature beef cow was confirmed Nov. 9 with bovine TB.

Bovine TB was confirmed at CFIA’s Fallowfield lab at Ottawa, and the animal was traced to a farm in B.C.’s southern Interior, the agency said Monday. The carcass was condemned and no part of the animal went into the food chain.

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