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New CCIA Canadian Livestock Tracking System MOBO app

The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) is introducing its new Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) MOBO app. The app has recently undergone massive changes to design and function and CCIA thought these updates were worthy of sharing with its industry partners. For an explanation on all the updates and history of the app and how this will affect users moving forward, click here.

With expected regulation changes slated for later 2019, we consider this an essential time to start planning to meet proposed increased livestock traceability reporting. Greater responsibilities will be placed on producers and the CLTS MOBO app will be a great asset in reducing the time it takes to complete increased tasks. The app is designed to add convenience to the workflow of traceability requirements for users.


For more information on traceability requirements in Canada, contact:

Anne Brunet-Burgess
General Manager
Canadian Cattle Identification Services
7646  – 8 Street NE
Calgary, AB Canada T2E 8X4
Main: 403-476-1995  |  Fax: 403-275-2099
Email:  |  1-877-909-2333

Manual of Procedures
Livestock Identification and Traceability Program (Version 3f)

The purpose of a Manual of Procedures is to help the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspectors in verifying compliance and enforcing regulations it administers. Please find attached a revised Manual of Procedures for requirements under Part XV of the Health of Animals Regulations dealing with animal identification and traceability.

Livestock Identification and Traceability program
Canadian Food Inspection Agency / Government of Canada

English Manual
French Manual

All new videos from the Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association!

The SCFA is pleased to bring you seven short YouTube videos about nutrition, feeding, gathering data, animal handling, and animal health.

Animal Health and Handling: Managing Stress

Low Stress Animal Handling

Gathering Data and Using it At the Feedlot

Feed Processing Part 1: Dry Rolled Grain

Feed Processing Part 2: Tempered Grain

Feed Processing Part 3: Under Processing

Feed Mixing: Getting the Most from Your Equipment

Canadian Feedlot Animal Care Assessment Program

The NCFA’s Canadian Feedlot Animal Care Assessment Program has resulted in a code of practice specific to the handling and care of beef cattle on Canadian confined feeding operations (CFOs).

The Feedlot Animal Care Assessment Program is not intended to replace or supplant the National Beef Code, but to serve as a companion code focusing on animal care issues unique to beef feedlots. The program provides feedlot operators and beef processors with a single and widely accepted animal care protocol, dispensing with the need for multiple animal care agreements between cattle feeders and beef processors.

“As a company that’s built our reputation on serving safe food for almost 50-years, animal health and welfare is very important to McDonald’s Canada and our guests as we know that healthy animals provide safe food. We are proud that animal welfare has been part of our legacy of commitment for decades and is now one of the main components of our recently concluded Sustainable Beef Pilot project. Given our focus on animal care and independent third party verification, we commend The National Cattle Feeders Association for receiving Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO) certification of their Feedlot Animal Care Assessment tool. The certification is a testament to the NCFA’s leadership in working with processors, producers, and industry technical experts to produce a tangible tool that focuses on improving the health and welfare of animals raised for food, benefiting everyone in the value chain.” —Jeffrey Fitzpatrick-Stilwell, Senior Manager Sustainability, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited

Program Brochure

Getting everyone on the same page
Alberta Beef Magazine, June 2016
Canada sets the bar for feedlot animal care
Canadian Cattlemen Magazine, May 2016

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