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Canada concludes Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine (CUFTA)

July 15, 2015

Prime Minister Harper highlighted the inclusion of Ukraine as a priority emerging market under Canada’s Global Markets Action Plan and as one of Canada’s development countries of focus.

Once the Agreement enters into force, Canada and Ukraine will immediately eliminate duties on 99.9 per cent and 86 per cent of respective current imports, thereby benefiting both Canadian and Ukrainian exporters and consumers. Canadian agriculture exporters will benefit from duty-free access for beef, pulses, grains, canola oil, processed foods and animal feed.

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McDonald’s Canada moves one step closer to sourcing sustainable beef

“It’s a McDonald’s initiative but it has implications for the beef industry globally,” says Jeffrey Fitzpatrick-Stilwell, Senior Manager of Sustainability for McDonald’s Canada. “It’s the biggest, most in-depth pilot project of this type to date, and our process allows producers to demonstrate how they’re achieving positive outcomes under those five global principles. We’ve been learning as we go, and are trying to ensure that we have a robust, credible, and scalable process.”

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