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WHO report says processed meat causes cancer, confusion follows

November 1, 2015

A report about evidence, not risk

For red meat and processed meat, Terrasse says, “The classification gives you an idea about the strength of evidence that it causes cancer but it doesn’t give you any clue about how much you need to be exposed to have cancer, it’s not a classification about the risk.”

Susan Gapstur, ACS vice president of epidemiology told CBC News, says the IARC report, “just further supports the importance of eating and consuming a  healthful diet.”

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WHO report on meat as possible carcinogen to be reviewed: Health Canada

October 27, 2015

Red meat (beef, pork and lamb) fell into the IARC’s second – “possible carcinogen” – category. The agency said Monday that their categorization was based on based on red meat’s association with colorectal cancer, pancreatic, and prostate cancer. The report, however, did not mention red meat’s high levels of zinc and iron, both important nutrients in the human diet.

The IARC categories are based on the amount of scientific evidence available — not the level of risk, a distinction highlighted Monday by both the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and the Canadian Meat Council.

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NCFA supports historic Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal

October 5, 2015

“We are very pleased to hear the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement has been signed. To not be included in this monumental agreement would have been detrimental for the agriculture industry in Canada. Opening these markets and removing tariffs on our export products will serve both the industry and our country very well, both now and in the future. On behalf of the cattle industry, we wish to thank Prime Minister Harper and his government for their hard work on getting this agreement in place,” stated Larry Schweitzer, NCFA Chair.

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Federal Election to make any TPP agreement tricky: Canadian Chief Negotiator for NAFTA

October 4, 2015

“If we weren’t part of the TPP, then the Australians, the New Zealanders, the Americans would get into the Japanese market with lower tariffs heading down to zero for most of the agricultural products we’re interested in. Our industry would be left out in the cold still paying the high duties that are there today like 38.5 percent on beef.” —John Weekes, Canadian Chief Negotiator for NAFTA

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