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2015 Trends in the Canadian forage industry

Regional groups across Canada agree in the need for more recognition and research for forage and grassland. The Canadian forage industry is impacted by dynamics at home and around the globe, as is all of agriculture. In a changing world, producers continually evaluate and build strategies that will support successful business plans. Identifying trends is one way to clarify the picture and provide direction. The following is a look at several trends at play in the forage industry.

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Minister Ritz Promotes Canadian Beef and Creates Agricultural Trade in Vietnam

March 18, 2015

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has concluded his agricultural trade mission to Vietnam, where he promoted world-class, safe Canadian beef and created business opportunities for industry representatives in the delegation.

Minister Ritz introduced the Canada Beef Inc. Brand series to Asia, where he showcased Canadian beef exports to Vietnam with industry at a cooking demonstration.

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